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Google Your Family Tree

Google Your Family Tree — A Great Gift Idea!

Published in October 2008 by, Inc. of Provo, Utah, this book is a genealogists guide to unlocking the hidden power of Google as a tool for family history research. While most family history enthusiasts use the Internet and Google to search for clues about their heritage, very few understand the capabilities of the Internet's most popular search engine.

By learning how to search and filter more effectively, most researchers can drastically reduce their time spent searching and will instead be able to review far more relevant results. The book was written by Dan Lynch after nearly a decade of lecturing and writing articles to share tips for conducting genealogy online.

Google Your Family TreeAuthors at Google: Dan Lynch

"This is a fabulous book and it's going to become, I think, a standard in the industry. I just finished reading it today it's incredible. It's up there with Elizabeth Shown Mills Evidence book . . . it will be in every major professional researcher's library and hopefully most of the beginners . . . I think it's a great book!"
     — Mary Slawson, Professional Genealogist and Host of KSL Radio's "Relatively Speaking"

"Easily the most important technology book for genealogists written in more than a decade. This is a must read for anyone using the Internet for family history or any other reason!"
     — Dan Taggart, Co-Founder,, Inc.

"Dan Lynch has written an excellent new book called 'Google Your Family Tree.' I have a pre-release copy of the book and can tell you that it is top-notch. Dan went the 'extra mile' to create a valuable book for online genealogists. I hope he sells a million of these books; it's that good."
     — Dick Eastman, Editor, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter